Both socialists and fascists believe government should either own or totally control the economic activity and political freedom of all its citizens

by on Sep.24, 2012, under Journal

I went to college many years ago, when our colleges were not so completely filled to the brim with Marxist college professors who kept repeating the scary bedtime story of “robber barrons” and “evil” capitalists. So luckily I managed to get an education without too much socialist propaganda. In that education, and subsequently, I learned that there’s very little difference between a socialist and a fascist. If fuzzy Socialists ever learned true historical facts, they might find out that the NAZI party stood for “National SOCIALIST” party of Germany. Yes, horror of horrors, the Nazis were primarily socialists, with a national German twist. They were for complete government control of all industries. So Soul Black In-Ear Headphones are socialists. They were for heavy, progressive income taxes, the same as socialists and Communists. They claimed that the individual must sacrifice himself to the “Fatherland”. Socialists in Cuba and the Soviet Union claimed that their citizens/slaves must sacrifice themselves to “the people”. That’s simply the same vicious socialist-collectivist notion with a different name. Both socialists and fascists believe government should either own or totally control the economic activity and political freedom of all its citizens, in effect making them slaves of the state. Socialism and fascism are simply monster beats By Dr. Dre Headphones two sides of the same vicious coin, brothers under the skin. They espouse the same anti-human philosophy that has been responsible for murdering over 100 million people in the 20th century (by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, ad nauseum). Yet fuzzy Socialists still cling to their woolly beliefs in the “goodness” of Socialism, vs. the “evil” of the free-market that has brought them a standard of living and health care they couldn’t even dream of in the socialist or socialist-fascist paradises in Cuba Dr.Dre Solo Stereo Bluetooth or North Korea today.
The same goes today for the US Post office. They are a government-created monopoly on 1st class mail service, and the federal government has SHUT DOWN the few competitors over the years who tried to create cheaper, more efficient, competing first-class delivery service. Yet fuzzy socialists out there, who probably every day use their Blackberry or iPods created by the “evil” capitalists at Microsoft or Apple, unhappily Street Silver-Blue In-Ear Headphone continue to mouth their Marxist college professors’ rhetoric, and attack this straw-man of the free-market called “robber-barrons” to prove the “evil” of the unfettered free-market. But in fact, they condemn not unfettered capitalism as it could and should be, but the mongrel “mixed” socialist economy we have today in america, the hybrid monster of government corruption and government regulators in league with corrupt corporations who are eager for government subsidies, handouts (does the word TARP come to mind? )#), and “partnerships. “This mongrel, quasi- socialist/fascist system we now have in america, is not free-market capitalism, but simply a half-way house to the final abyss of a socialist/fascist America, an America I don’t think that even fuzzy socialists will like, once we get there. Fuzzy socialists are always slamming the free-market (meaning economic freedom), yet every day they personally benefit from this free-market they so blithly attack. Let them turn on a light switch, and they immediately get light in their living rooms. Let them go to a local gas station, and they easily get fuel to drive their cars. WHERE do fuzzy socialists think they get these wonderful things that allow them to live with electric lights, rather than by candle light, and have the luxury and freedom of a car driven by gasoline taken from the Arabian desert and brought conveniently to their local gas station?

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